Susan on stage in Madrid: Speaking about – When is the right time to start exporting?

By Susan February 8, 2016 15:49

Susan on stage in Madrid: Speaking about – When is the right time to start exporting?


When is the right time to start exporting?


In 2010, the IMF was in Ireland to cast a stern look over the finances of the country. It looked like the Irish weren’t very good at managing money… Which is why I thought it was just the right time to start exporting and pitching myself as… an Irish finance expert.

What could possibly go wrong?

The incredible answer is – nothing at all. I flew to Malta in January 2011, and it turned out to be, again, just the right time to start exporting.


🎬Here is the story, as told at the Madrid Excelente conference!




1:47 The one decision that made all the difference.
2:05 The definitive answer: When is the right moment to start exporting?
3:00 My own perfect moment: pitching myself as an Irish finance specialist – just when the finances of Ireland were in disarray!
4:44 How to find an instant connection with anyone and start doing business with them there and then.
5:50 What is really holding us back: whether you can do it? No, it’s not that.
6:25 Talk to this specific group in order to turbo-charge your progress.
7:00 Don’t underestimate the power of this one day in the year (more about it here)
8:15 “– I think I’m going to go to Malta” “– Do you know where Malta is?” “– No… but the airline pilot does.”
9:25 Phone call #1: “– Hello, I’m thinking of going to Malta, I don’t know anyone and I want to start exporting.” “– No problem, who do you want to meet?”
10:30 Phone call #2: “– I’m going to come over, I’m looking to do business in Malta, can you help me?” “– Absolutely – how about a chauffeur to drive you around?”
11:30 The third ace up your sleeve, and why you should still apply if you’re 90 years old.
13:50 I had my meetings lined up, my chauffeur-driven car – surely from now on it was going to be a walk in the park? However there was one last barrier to take down… and it looked insurmountable.
15:50 Of course it would be so much easier if I just stayed at home – but there’s one big problem with that.
16:10 From one exporter to another: make sure you keep an eye on this one crucial KPI (more about it here)
16:45 One of my favourite tools: the GROW model (more about it here)
17:45 The most important letter in that acronym: the one that will make or break your plan.
18:15 Oh, before you go: one last reason why you should absolutely go after what you want.


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By Susan February 8, 2016 15:49