Book review: Peers Inc, by Robin Chase

By Susan December 11, 2017 18:19

Book review: Peers Inc, by Robin Chase

On 11 December, I did a Facebook Live video from Mechelen, Belgium. In this book review I talk about a truly paradigm-changing book that I studied heavily for my Master’s: Peers Inc, by Robin Chase. (Watch my book review of Deep Work by Cal Newport)

The subtitle of the book is “How People and Platforms are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism.” This was an idea that interested me particularly because my Master’s dissertation discussed business models for bootstrapped peer-to-peer startups. Robin Chase’s book was instrumental in changing my whole perspective on this.

Robin Chase is a spectacular entrepreneur and visionary, the founder of Zipcar and Buzzcar: “With Zipcar, Robin Chase introduced car-crazy America to the concept of non-ownership. Now she’s flipping that model with Buzzcar, which lets you rent your own auto to your neighbors.” (from the TED website) I’m also personally grateful to her, because not only did she write a tremendously readable, deeply researched book, but she also took the time to answer my messages on Twitter with her words of wisdom and guidance.

Robin is a force for radical change and a galvanising speaker. Her incredibly astute business ideas go way beyond business – she is a true thought leader, keenly aware of social issues. Her constant concern is harnessing the incredible power of the collaborative economy to tackle climate change.

So what will you learn when you read Peers Inc? For me the main teachings of the book revolved around three main ideas.

First, excess capacity – excess capacity is what will allow scale. This is of particular interest for entrepreneurs, since scale is the name of the game. How do you grow your business to the point where it makes money without needing your constant presence? How do you get other people to grow your business for you? Before I read the book, I thought I was at capacity – but Robin Chase showed me otherwise!

Secondly, how to have access to the right mind at the right time. There are many people conspiring right now to make your life easier, more effective, more hassle-free and more successful overall. Don’t believe me? Watch the video – I describe all the ways in which this idea of Robin Chase’s now informs all I do for our business.

Thirdly, and this idea will appeal to the entrepreneurs among you: if you want to build a collaborative economy platform, the book will offer you a blueprint to do so.

Peers Inc contains the ideas that changed my life and my business in 2017: find out how when you watch the Facebook Live video below.

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"Peers Inc" Book Review

Check out my book review of "Peers Inc" by Robin Chase

Posted by Susan Hayes "The Positive Economist" on Monday, December 11, 2017




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By Susan December 11, 2017 18:19