International trade after Brexit: Susan talks about amazing opportunities at Dublin LEO

By Susan April 7, 2017 14:47

International trade after Brexit: Susan talks about amazing opportunities at Dublin LEO

How do you create your own opportunities?

Many Irish SMEs are uncertain at the moment on the topic of international trade after Brexit: will agreements have to be renegotiated? Will the whole picture shift? And how? It seems that it’s a time to “wait and see”. You should of course keep an ear on the ground and keep on top of developments, but you can definitely be proactive and get a headstart.

I gave this presentation on 9th March 2017 at the Dublin Local Enterprise Office, to talk about my extremely positive experience of leveraging the help of government organisations to turbo-boost the growth of my business.


Don’t leave money on the table


You can take active steps to reduce the uncertainty around your own success at international trade after Brexit. There are so many grants and funds that are left languishing – simply because people don’t know about them and don’t apply for them. They are there for the taking: watch the video below to hear how one email changed the growth curve of my business, brought me thousands of euros in funding and discounts, and put thousands of eager, experienced, highly skilled people at my service.



Watch the video to find out about the following:


2:18 The promise I made to myself within one week of starting out in business… and how it came to be realised almost immediately!
4:00 How I almost missed the opportunity to go international, thinking “That was nice, and that was that…”
4:44 How much does it cost to go international? The real price, in euros, will surprise you.

5:35 How to instantly add 6000 eager, motivated, highly skilled and experienced people to your staff without spending a cent.
8:18 “Anything to do with Europe involves a huge amount of paperwork and bureaucracy and then nothing comes of it” – that’s not my experience. All I had to do was send an email.
8:30 Why it’s worth your while to do business in small countries, too.
10:35 Tip number 1. I ALWAYS do this whenever I’m in a new city or country on business.
10:53 Tip number 2. Do you know about this amazing database, and how you can use it to get free market intelligence by email once a week?

12:24 Tip number 3. How to get a new staff member and future business contact with a highly entrepreneurial mindset for a 3- to 6-month stint in your company – and the EU is paying for all of it.
15:20 Tip number 4. How to hack trade missions by bookending them with other business meetings.
16:30 How much does it REALLY cost to take part in a 5-day trade mission to the Middle East? The answer will surprise you.
19:00 How I met 300 Irish people, all wondering what they could do to help me, the moment I landed in Dubai.

20:08 How I came home with mind-blowing insights into how they do business in the Middle East, and how that sparked an idea for a new business venture.
21:40 Tip number 5: Are you a company and do you have a list of business problems? This can be worth 5000 euros.

24:40 What’s next: how I’m hoping to get 200,000 euros 80% funded – and how this can be traced all the way back to answering a single email 6 years ago.
25:40 How Enterprise Europe Network continues to work for me so that I don’t have to worry about new developments and new regulations: the latest intelligence is served to me on a plate.
26:20 Oh, and I also ended up going to Brussels to represent Ireland and to give a talk to MEPs at the European Parliament. Plus I was profiled on the website of the European Commission, to boot.
27:00 Do you want the same opportunities? Then do this one simple thing now.
29:50 Whenever I apply for a grant and get rejected, this is the question I ask to get free business mentoring.

31:50 “What can you make happen before this time next month?” is the question I constantly ask myself to stay on track and exponentially increase my productivity.



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By Susan April 7, 2017 14:47