My latest book, The Savvy Guide to Making More Money, is now out!


Yes, it is possible to make more money. Whether you’re a student in college, a stay-at-home parent, an employee, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you will be able to use my proven framework to increase your income, using the time and energy that you have at your disposal.


In The Savvy Guide to Making More Money I share the nine-step framework that I used, over and over again, every time I wanted to grow my income.


Even if you think that you’re “no good with money”, I will show you how to make more money when you follow my step-by-step blueprint. I wasn’t born knowing how to do this: I had to start from scratch, learn and refine my system – just like anybody else.


I made money as a student and paid my way through college; I negotiated raises and other ways to top up my salary as an employee; until I created my own business. It was profitable in its first quarter, despite the recession. My business was international before it was a year old.


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About The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom


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This is what readers are saying:


Thandiwe Mtetwa, Enterprise Lecturer

” Last night I was able to see areas where I can cut my costs, and how I can do that. And for the first time after several months of going into over draft, this month, because of sticking to the budget, I had £311 left in my account.  Now I can use that towards clearing off my credit card debt. In the past I could only pay a minimum amount on the card, now I know that if I stick with the budget I can clear that debt. I got the enthusiasm to start doing this from reading your book.”

Thank you Thandiwe, it means so much to me that my book is having such a clear impact!


Catriona Plunkett, Aviation

” Your book was not only a first step in financial guidance, it actually allowed me to think for myself in making steps 2,3 and beyond. This is, I suppose, the difference between your book and the other books out there that ‘promise’ to change everything. The ‘others’ miss the point that at the end of the day, it is imperative that the individual is not only told what to do, but they get to be in control and get creative with their own ideas and wants.”

Thank you Catriona, being in control of your own life is exactly what my book is about!


Olwen Dawe at – Read her review here

” To say Susan provides a hefty intravenous shot of positivity through everything she does, is an understatement.  However, as we all know, positivity is a vastly abused and misunderstood word these days – so it’s important to contextualise Susan’s version of it.  It’s an attitude of reality tempered by change and possibility – of newness and active engagement in making a difference in ones’ own economy.”

Thank you Olwen for this warm, in-depth review! To your continued success!


Amanda at – Read her review here

This girl practises what she preaches, and she is on a mission to help women (and men) to gain financial independence, whatever that might mean to them. “It means different things to different people,” she said, adding that for one person it might mean the freedom to take Wednesdays off, or to earn another £5,000 a year, while for another it might mean making half a million pounds.”

Thank you Amanda! It was a pleasure to be interviewed by you!


Ciara Conlon, the Productivity Coach – Read her review here

“Taking Control

So I sat in a coffee shop and did all my figures, I worked out what I had earned and what I needed to earn to pay it all off and to be Financial free, even doing the exercise felt liberating, I took the first positive step to financial freedom and it felt good. I took my own advice and I got organised, I took Susan’s advice and got savvy.”

Thank you Ciara! Your super-hero productivity savvy, applied to your finances,  that’s a weapon of mass organisation!


Sheena Lambert at – Read the interview here

“The tone of The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom is very friendly, warm and conversational, as if all the advice is coming from a (very expert!) girlfriend over a latte.”

Thank you Sheena! That’s exactly how I envisioned it!


Sophie at Modern Young Finance – Read the review here

“She encourages positive thinking, and pushes you to work hard. Whether dipped into or read from cover to cover, this book has most of the answers. Follow Hayes’ advice, and you are well on the way to achieving financial independence.”

Thank you Sophie! I wish you the best on your path to financial freedom!


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