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Womens Wealth

Womens Wealth

Here are your bonuses as a thank-you gift

All three bonuses are great complements to my first book, The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom. You don’t absolutely need to have the book to enjoy them, though!

Click on the links below to download the cheatsheet, the book excerpts, the workbook and report (all PDF files that you can open with Adobe Reader).

For inspiration:

The Savvy Woman's Guide to Financial Freedom excerpts (1.93 MB) Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom excerpts

Find inspiration and practical tips in these excerpts from the book. I share my own experience and the experience of people whose success I’ve been so happy to witness!

For action:

The Savvy Woman Cheatsheet (1.91 MB) Savvy Woman Cheatsheet

Print it out, pin it up somewhere you can see it often, and start taking action! Every little step will take you closer to financial freedom.

For impact:

The Savvy Woman Workbook (1.98 MB) Savvy Woman Workbook

This workbook follows the structure of the book closely. For each of the 22 chapters in the book, you get exercises, action steps and journaling prompts to reflect on your journey to financial freedom. That’s 22 wonderful sessions dedicated to improving your finances. Again, you don’t need to have the book to do the exercises in the workbook!

For statistics:

The Secrets of Women Investors (1.43 MB)Secrets of Women Investors (1.43 MB)

For options:

A blog post about using the put options I explained in my interview with Sarah

Money, money, money… We tend to think a lot about it. How can we make money. How can we make more money. Why does everything cost so much money. Why do we feel we never have enough…

The truth is, there are a few golden habits you can adopt to make your financial life a lot easier. Because the bigger truth is, money is just a means to an end. Once your money worries are a thing of the past, once your financial house is in order, you don’t need to think about money that much. You can put certain financial processes on autopilot and know that it’s taken care of.

We all have more important things to do than worry about money: we have relationships to cherish, new places to discover, lovely hobbies to indulge in – and dreams to realise.

If you have felt in the past that lack of money was the obstacle between you and your dreams – know that it doesn’t need to be.

Step by step, adopt the money habits that will free you from worry and will unlock your most beautiful dreams.

If you have any question, or query, we’re just an email away: And we love getting your messages!

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