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We hate spam, and we respect your privacy

We hate spam, and we respect your privacy



What is spam?


Spam is unsolicited junk email, sent out in bulk to many recipients at a time and clogging up your inbox. Things that you never asked to receive and are at best useless and uninteresting, at worst downright illegal.


We will never, ever send you such emails, and we will never, ever sell or communicate your email address to spammers.


When you agree to receive blog updates from us, you’ll get just that: blog updates from us.


We work with our email distribution platform, Get Response, to fight spam, and comply with their anti-spam policy.


What will you send me?


The Positive Economist blog is updated regularly: you will receive the new articles in your email inbox when they are published on the blog.


Please make sure that is in your white list of safe senders.


What if I don’t want to receive your emails anymore?


You can just unsubscribe, and we’ll stop sending you email.


If at any time you decide that you do not want to receive our emails anymore, just open our latest email and scroll down to the bottom: you will see a link to unsubscribe. Just click this link and we will erase your address from our readers’ list. We will stop sending emails as soon as you unsubscribe.


Privacy statement


What’s this?


Like many other websites, has systems in place that indicate how many people visit our site, how long they stay, what pages they read, whether they are new visitors or they are coming back, and what website they are coming from (what website they visited last before coming to

We collect this information through “cookies” to know how our website is performing and what we need to improve. This type of information is anonymous.


If you subscribe to our email list, you also give us your name and email address to receive blog updates by email.


None of this information is shared, sold, transferred or communicated to others, be it the anonymous information regarding pageviews and traffic to our website, or the personal information regarding your name and email address.


We value your privacy and will take great care to keep your information secure.


To read the full privacy statement, click here.


Other things to know


We work to remain independent from any vested interest. We do not accept commissions from any third party to promote them, thereby insuring our independence.




All information on this web site represents our views and opinions at a point in time only and cannot be taken as specific investment advice in any form.


The Positive Economist and Hayes Culleton Ltd cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions in documents or websites referenced here, or linked to from this website, or linking to this website.


If you are the courageous type and really want to read more legalese, it’s all here.