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Speaking Events


BCC International Speakers - Susan HayesCulleton CFA, The Positive Economist

BCC International Speakers – Susan HayesCulleton CFA, The Positive Economist

Contact Barry Jones at Speakers BCC to arrange a speaking engagement with Susan HayesCulleton CFA


PH: 44 (0) 2079932085


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan over the last two years and I continue to be impressed by her professionalism, enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of global economics and the financial markets. Every event and webinar that Susan has delivered for Morgan McKinley has been extremely well-received by our global audiences and we look forward to continuing our partnership with her in the future. I would highly recommend Susan for speaking events or training seminars as she is an engaging, knowledgeable and inspirational speaker.
Emma Nguyen, Morgan McKinley

“I found your talk in Athlone yesterday very inspirational and gave me some very good points and information on how to view the current recession in a positive manner.”    Aoife Devereux, Economics Teacher

“Susan, thanks for sharing your story and advice with such energy at the Network Galway event last night, a great inspirational talk. It was well worth trading the sunshine.”    Evelyn Cormican, Blueprint Coaching and Training

 More Testimonials: Susan HayesCulleton CFA Professional Speaking & Training


Are you looking for an inspiring speech, adding value and offering actionable insights to your audience?


I would be very glad to be the speaker to deliver it!


We will work together so that I make sure to give a speech that is relevant to your audience and tailored to their needs, be they lay people or experts.


I have given speeches at networking events and enterprise boards, I’ve led trainings and courses for banks, universities and continual development sessions… I love the experience of connecting with an audience and arousing their interest in economics!


I am passionate about sharing my expert knowledge in a way that is interesting and accessible, and if the feedback I’ve received is anything to go by, my audiences thoroughly enjoyed listening to what I had to say!


I speak on a wide range of issues, from technical presentations to concrete tips and actionable advice, with one common theme:

what happens at the intersection of the economy and the stock market.


I will be happy to discuss your needs and offer the perfect presentation for your audience!


Speaking Clients/Events


Corks leading showcase of Entrepreneurs and Business leaders Susan HayesCulleton CFA Host/MC

Corks leading showcase of Entrepreneurs and Business leaders Susan HayesCulleton CFA Host/MC


The Institute of Directors in Ireland Susan HayesCulleton CFA

The Institute of Directors in Ireland, Understanding the Bond Market  Susan HayesCulleton CFA


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Morgan McKinley Smarter Goals - Webinar Series Economics - London, Ireland UK

Morgan McKinley Smarter Goals – Economics Webinar Series  Susan HayesCulleton CFA – London, Ireland UK


Irish Times Training - Understanding the Financial Markets Susan HayesCulleton CFA Financial trainer Irish Times

Irish Times Training – Understanding the Financial Markets Susan HayesCulleton CFA Financial trainer Irish Times


Bank of Valletta Malta - Presentations to Wealth Managers - Sales Reps & Staff Susan HayesCulleton CFA

Bank of Valletta Malta – Presentations to Wealth Managers – Sales Reps & Staff Susan HayesCulleton CFA


GillenMarkets StockMarket Training – Delivered Course Covered Calls (Options) & ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) Susan HayesCulleton CFA

GillenMarkets StockMarket Training – Delivered Courses on Covered Calls (Options) & ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) Susan HayesCulleton CFA


Watch a video of Susan’s presentations:

Click on image to go to video


Susan HayesCulleton talks about five ways to turbo-boost your career at TEDx Belfast Women

Susan HayesCulleton talks about five ways to turbo-boost your career at TEDx Belfast Women


Susan in Madrid, VII Congreso Internacional de Excelencia

Susan in Madrid, VII Congreso Internacional de Excelencia


SME exporting and international trade after Brexit - Susan HayesCulleton

SME exporting and international trade after Brexit – Susan HayesCulleton

Recent talks include:


  • Morgan McKinley client event – Cork

On 20th of February I’m speaking about managing finance for growth. It can be puzzling to realise that as many companies go bust in an upswing, as go bust in a downswing. To avoid this, there are financial safeguards you can put in place to make sure that your feet are firmly on the ground! Keep an eye on the three key pillars of your business finances: revenue, profit and cashflow. In times of growth, it’s important to make sure you retain the business you had in the first place. Don’t let excitement get the better of you: put practical systems in place before things go bad.


  • Morgan McKinley – 9 steps to vastly improved finances in 2014

On 13th of February I spoke to the company’s Women’s Network, a wonderfully dynamic group of high achieving women. One thing I often come across when talking to these “Savvy Women” is this: they are very busy, highly educated, well-accomplished women who are proficient at managing professional finances, either in a corporate context or in their own business. But their main focus is on the company’s finances, and not their own. So I wanted to invite them to take a closer look at their personal finances and show them how easy it is to fix the most glaring issues.


  • Waterford Institute of Technology – Life after graduation!

On the 12 of February I spoke to accounting and enterprise students at WIT, about what life is like after graduation. I wanted to talk about hardnosed stuff: I graduated in a recession myself, and then thought it would be a good idea to set up my own business in the teeth of same recession (it actually was a good idea!). The crucial point I wanted to emphasise is that you should never confuse the macro figures (GDP, unemployment, etc.), and your own micro economy. Whatever the macro situation, you can always take action to improve your own micro conditions.


  • General business session – PLATO

On the 12th of February I also spoke to the PLATO group. I did PLATO myself a couple of years ago and it was an amazing experience! I was back as a speaker to talk about my experience of benefitting from PLATO. I also spoke about very practical finance and business tips that you can implement right now to tremendous results.


  • CorkINNOVATES – INBusiness INCork Showcase 2013

On the 14th of November I chaired a panel discussion at INBusiness INCork Showcase on raising finance, whether it be debt, equity, or grant funding. The showcase promises to be a wonderful, high-energy day, putting the spotlight on how businesses, startups or established, can position themselves for growth in the Cork region. For more information contact and go to CorkINNOVATES


  • Institute of Directors

On the 14th of November I spoke at the Institute of Directors, about the bond market and the recent developments in Ireland’s bond market. I will emphasise how the bond market and the Budget interact. The second part of my presentation will be devoted to ten hidden issues in banking, with particular attention to the mortgage arrears crisis. I will conclude with a step-by-step guide to getting started in the stock market, looking at different actions one can take in order to invest without devoting an awful lot of time and energy to it. More information about the event here.


  • Speaking to WebActivate students in Monaghan

On the 15th of November I spoke to the students of the WebActivate course, at the request of their lecturer. So many people are disillusioned and find it difficult to keep up hope and carry on in the face of all the doom and gloom that the media throw at us. But when you take a realistic, objective look at your situation, you realise that there is actually a lot to be optimistic about, and I will back that up with facts and personal experience. I am often asked to speak in schools and courses and I love giving students the motivation to do better and empower themselves: they don’t have to be a statistic. After all you only need one job, one opportunity.

The WebActivate course is a wonderful, free course offered to eligible jobseekers who have been unemployed for 12 months or more. More information here


  • Cork Marketing Institute – Top 10 tips to take control of your finances

On 21st of November I talked at the Marketing Institute in my native Cork, to give my extremely popular talk “Top Ten Tips to take control of your finances”. I love giving this talk as I get to adapt it to a new audience every time, and it never fails to get the room buzzing with energy and potential! As I will be speaking at the Marketing Institute I will give it a marketing slant this time. I think we are all involved in marketing, actually, each and every one of us, even if our job title doesn’t say “Marketing”. I will be speaking specifically about how I’ve done it myself, and how I landed a book deal doing my own PR. I will also stress how important it is to continuously go back to your existing customers and to network within your network: we often think of marketing as bringing new clients, but you should also show your market that you’re not a once-off.

More information here.


  • Sligo Women in Business – Tuesday 29 October 2013 – Top 10 tips to take control of your finances

This has proved to be one of my most popular talks! I shared two tips each on productivity, marketing, sales, finance and strategy. These are the key areas that I focus on in my own business, and that have delivered better management of finance – and more finance to manage!

This talk focused on better use of resources in a business, whether it be people, energy, finance or time.
More information on their website and Facebook page.


  • Cork Dress for Success – Thursday 31 October 2013

Dress for Success is a worldwide charity helping women prepare for job interviews by lending business clothes and training candidates to sharpen their CV and interview skills. I’m delighted to be speaking at the event of the recently launched Cork chapter!
More information on their Facebook page.


  • Morgan McKinley Breakfast Briefing – Tuesday 12 November 2013

Following the very positive feedback after my Success Series webinars, Morgan McKinley invited me to speak at their Breakfast Briefing! My talk focused on looking for areas of growth in an uncertain economy: the international education sector, inflation expectations and their impact, the financial markets, the local property markets, interest rates, pensions crisis, areas of opportunity within the UK and SMARTER goal setting for companies. Such events are great to step off the treadmill and really think about where your business is going – hence the focus on actionable information and strategy!

More information on this page.

  • TEFL Conference in Malta – 6 September 2013

I was delighted to be back in Malta to speak about the intersection between several of my domains of expertise: economics and enhanced learning using online tools. I spoke about four key areas: the economic impact of the EFL profession, how to match the teacher’s teaching style with the students’ learning style, innovative techniques that can be easily used in the classroom to engage students, and freely available resources to enhance retention.


  • Morgan McKinley Global Opportunities Event – 17 September 2013

With global uncertainties, where are the opportunities for growth? To answer this question I looked at the good news in the UK economy. Are these once-offs, or a sign of long-term improvement? I looked at inflation expectations, the possibility of a rise in interest rates rising, the fall in the savings ratio, the increase in onliens hopping and the opportunities that can be found on the bond market, in options and, more specifically for e-commerce, webinars.


  • Surmounting Barriers and Accelerating Success

This is a talk I gave at the Westmeath County Enterprise Board for the Women in Business group. I showed my audience how to surmount the four barriers of time (productivity), strategy, people and money. These four crucial resources can become crippling barriers if you don’t know how to leverage them and I wanted to share several practical ways of exactly how to do this. I talked about my experience of exporting to Malta and I stressed how important – vital! – it is to be accountable and to take time out to do things right: it’s absolutely essential, when you’re in business, to actually schedule time in your diary for strategy sessions.


  • Understanding Webinars

There was a very wide and varied audience for that course which I taught for Irish Times Training on June 14. Webinars are a wonderful tool for businesses that are faced with geographical barriers, or that simply want to scale. In this course I showed my audience how to use webinars and compared the different technology providers. I looked at different methods of engagement and the difference between live and and asynchronous training (video library and related activities). Finally, I gave a series of tips on how to do webinars well, what could go wrong and how to address those issues before they arise.


  • A Tour of the Dutch Stock Market

This is a webinar I hosted on May 28 for VectorVest. I examined the Amsterdam stock market, I looked at key companies in the Netherlands, the political situation, the upcoming budget, and also the place of the Netherlands within the Eurozone (it’s actually the fifth largest Eurozone country) and wider European macroeconomic issues. I love the Netherlands, do business there and visit often, and this was one of the reasons I chose to have a closer look at that stock market.


  • Understanding Bonds

On May 24 I gave a course for GillenMarkets to introduce investors to the bond market: what are the different types of bonds, why you would buy a bond, who shouldn’t buy bonds, etc. I also recorded several videos, on how to read a bond table, how to actually buy a bond fund, etc.


  • Getting Ready for the Second Half of the Year

On May 24 I spoke in the Aviva Stadium for the Professional Insurance Brokers Association. My talk was both motivational and strategy-oriented and I showed how macroeconomic trends influenced – or didn’t influence! – business and how to see them as opportunities. I focused on four ways to increase sales and reminded the audience to cultivate their brand by using new technologies to set themselves apart.


  • An Exchange of Economic Views

I was contacted by Carlson Wagonlit to speak at their annual “Exchange” on April 21. I decided to play on that theme with the title “An Exchange of Economic Views” – but that didn’t mean we would be sharing ideas… What I meant was that you could exchange one set of economic views for another set of views! I looked at six different areas in the economy and explained how they could be taken as either good or bad news, depending on your point of view, your perspective and your situation at that moment in time. Both perspectives were equally correct, but very often people focus on the bad side and forget that there could be an opportunity lurking in there, if only they would look deeper. As this was an annual conference, I also asked my audience to reflect on the previous year: had it taken them where they wanted to be? And to think of the coming year: what did they want that year to look like?


  • How to Use Call Options in your Portfolio: Covered Calls seminar

On May 10 I gave an investing seminar for GillenMarkets, on covered calls. Using covered calls is a strategy that provides an interesting way of generating income in the stock market. I am a very experienced options derivatives investor myself and took this opportunity to share my knowledge with my audience, adding in a 45 minute e-learning video that participants would be able to watch again after the seminar.


  • 10 Tips to Take Control of your Finances: e-Learning Edition!

On May 3, I spoke to Galway Executive Skillnet, offering yet another variation on my popular “10 tips to take control of your finances” presentation (I never give the same presentation twice!). This time I added a bonus: using e-learning technologies to increase sales! Businesses have yet to uncover the wealth of free software that can turbocharge collaboration within a company, and facilitate contacts with clients, through webinars, or creating a private space online where clients can log on to find information that has been collected specifically for them, among many more possibilities.


  • How to Boost your Brand in a Difficult Economy

On April 28 I spoke at another sector specific event. I asked an audience of auctioneers to reflect about their brand and what they could do to raise awareness of their own brand. I isolated four strategies that increase revenue and that are characteristic of four famous brands: Amazon is very good at making suggestions about what I could buy from them next, Apple is very good at coming up with innovative ideas, Google is very good at online marketing and McDonald’s is very good at enticing me to increase the size of my order (“Would you like fries with that?”). Could it be that you could adapt and tweak your own strategy to take advantage of one of these?


  • A Night of Inspiration

On April 26 I was speaking to a group of women entrepreneurs. The organisers had asked me for an inspirational talk, and I decided to talk about accountability. Indeed, inspiration is essential, but if you feel inspired on the night and then do nothing about it the next day, what does that inspiration amount to? This is why it’s important to ride this wave of inspiration with the help of practical strategies to put that motivation to good use! Accountability is an extremely effective strategy to reach your goals. It’s as simple as turning to somebody and saying “I want to be held accountable so that I can progress forward with my dream, and I want to be acccountable to you, and you can be accountable to me so that we can be in this together and reach our objectives.” I also talked about fear, and that it’s ok to feel afraid: it means you are expanding your comfort zone. Being afraid should also lead you to ask for help: being able to be of help is so wonderful, why not give somebody else the opportunity to help you? It will make your journey that much faster! I shared stories about times that accountability has worked for me, when fear was the prelude to wonderful opportunities and of course, the wealth of help, assistance and support that I have received throughout my own career.


  • Timing the Markets for Consistent Profit

Financial markets are very good at telling you if they are getting uneasy – if you can read them!It actually doesn’t take an awful lot to be successful in the stock market: it’s very often about avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls. I gave this webinar for VectorVest on April 25, focusing on how you can indentify the underlying trend of the market, whether it’s ready to fall or ready to rise. VectorVest have developed some fantastic market timing indicators and I showed webinar participants how to use them.


  • Quantitative Analysis

This is a specialised seminar I gave on April 18, for the Institute of Accountants in Malta: how to look at the accounts of a company in order to value a share, how to decide whether a stock is over- or undervalued (or fairly valued), and how to compare different stocks using quantitative indicators.


  • Practicalities of the Stock Market

This is a seminar that I regularly give to members of GillenMarkets. You can read more about it here.


  • Picking Winners, Avoiding Losers, and Risk Management

This is a VectorVest webinar I hosted on April 10, with guests tuning in from all over Europe! I looked at all the characteristics of a stock that should tell you whether is it a winner and what red flags point to a potential loser. Trying to predict the future in the stock market is completely futile, but focusing on the present and the information available to you right now can save you a lot of trouble! I also shared very powerful strategies to manage your risk effectively.


  • Flourish – Irish Booksellers’ Association

On March 23 I talked to an audience of booksellers at their annual conference. With the changes afoot in their industry (ebooks and ereaders), booksellers are going through difficult times. I wanted to give them strategies that they could apply immediately to improve 7 areas by harnessing new technologies and observing what big brands are doing: increase revenue, increase footfall, increase productivity, increase profitability, compete with online retailers, compete with e-readers and how they could have increased knowledge of online markets.


  • The Power of One

As the keynote speaker for Network Ireland on International Women’s Day (March 8), I was given the theme “the power of one”. I wanted to show my audience that they don’t have to be the victims of January 1 syndrome, start the year with enormous objectives and then feel like failures the rest of the year for not achieving unrealistic goals! So I gave them examples of just one action they could take in different areas of their businesses – just one action that would bring tremendous change! I ended on an inspirational note with examples of successful businesses that started with one ambitious woman…


  • 10 Tips to Take Control of your Cashflow

I love to collect immediately actionable tips for small business owners, as they make for a very inspiring and practical presentation! I constantly renew my trove of tips and this time I delivered this talk to the Business Owners Network and the Women In Business Network in Clonmel, on March 7.


  • Webinar series – Introduction to Financial Markets

This is a series of three webinars I gave over three days in February to Masters students at DCU: an introduction to the stock market, an introduction to the bond market and an introduction to dividend yield. It was wonderful to create this e-learning experience for the students and to be able to continually react to their verbal and non-verbal feedback. Few people realize that webinars actually are a truly interactive experience!


  • Developing your strategy for 2012

This was the last talk I gave in 2011, at Wicklow Country Enterprise Board. I shared tips and tactics about how to reflect on the past year and prepare for the next, how to look for quantifiable business intelligence in your accounts, how to improve sales and productivity, as well as customer service and professional conduct.


  • Budget briefing

This is a more technical presentation I gave at Intel in Shannon on December 7, breaking down the nation’s budget and highlighting how it would affect individuals and multinationals. This is very valuable information for corporate audiences, as the national budget has far-reaching repercussions on both their customers and their business – their wages, the way they trade with other countries…


  • How SMEs can boost their business

On Novembre 29 I talked at the Kerry Small Business Summit, about all the strategies small businesses can adopt to increase cashflow and productivity, to leverage resources around them – and also to think bigger and pick their dream team!


  • Developments in fund management

This is a series of talks I gave in Malta in November, on developments in fund management: risks and rewards of different asset classes, different regulatory changes and effective portfolio management.


  • A “State of the Nation” address

On November 7, just as our own Taoiseach was giving his “State of the Nation” address, I gave a talk to students at Sligo IT. I talked about different economic variables, what they say about the state of our country, and how to interpret them. To students who are in their last year in college, this can be extremely valuable information as it gives them a handle on economy news – this might prove very useful in their future job.


  • Developing and preserving your personal brand

On October 17, I gave a talk to students at NUIG. I gave them a humourous reflection of their own generic brand as students: they drink a lot, don’t study much, watch TV all day… We had a good laugh together, but the point was to make them reflect on what “brand” they are projecting to the world. How do other people perceive us? That’s our brand. How do we shape this brand into what we want it to broadcast? Well, we could start with our Facebook profile as a good example… You can read more about it here.


  • Top ten actions to take control of your finances

This talk I gave at the Wexford County Enterprise Board. I love talking about improving one’s personal finances, because it is a very effective antidote to all the doom and gloom. People are worried about the recession, about the bailout, about unemployment figures… But this is macroeconomics. Unless you are a Minister for Finance, you have no influence on macroeconomics. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t take immediate action to noticeably improve your own situation, your own microeconomics.


  • Increase your chances of getting a job in today’s economy

On October 11, I gave a talk at a school in Limerick. I wanted to offer hope and encouragement to students, at a time when they feel there is little of either. Many young people face difficult situations and are only too aware of the realities of life, much more than we give them credit for. While I couldn’t promise them that everything would be alright, I wanted to share a stronger message: they have the power to make it be alright, to give themselves the very best life they can. You can read more about it here.


  • Local and Regional Business Support – How can authorities make their SMEs flourish?

On October 7th I talked at the European Parliament in Brussels as part of the European SME Week Summit. I shared my personal experience of exporting to Malta with the help of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network. I showed how my results go against the idea that everything European is bureaucratic – I received very practical, invaluable assistance that met all of my needs. And I got to represent Ireland as an entrepreneur in the European Parliament, which is great!


  • Advancing Economics in Today’s Classroom

On September 17th I talked at an economics seminar put together by the PDST, Professional Development Services for Teachers. I gave teachers an update on the economic situation in Europe (the bond yield, the debt situation), I addressed the banking crisis, the exchange rate and what it means for exports. I also talked about the sorry state of the property market. I wanted to tackle issues that affect everybody who might own a house or even simply a bank account, before finishing on a forward-looking note.


  • Launch of the Female Mentoring Programme

On September 6th I talked at the official launch of the Female Mentoring Programme, opened by the Minister for Small Business, John Perry T.D. While President of Galway Chamber Carmel Brennan and Minister John Perry focused on the macro-picture of programmes and initiatives, I was able to focus on the inner work of having a mentor and being a mentor. I have been an informal mentor to several budding female entrepreneurs, and I was recently asked to join the Enterprise Board Mentoring Team as a finance mentor.


Scroll down for a list of talks I gave in 2011 and 2010:


In 2011 I gave these talks:


Understanding & Investing in Bonds – Evening Course at InvestR Centre


Understanding Derivatives – Finance Trainer at Irish Times Training


Ten Immediately Implementable Actions to Take Control of Your Finances – Guest presenter at Coworkinn


Intelligent/Fundamental ETFs – A Rapidly Developing Niche – Continual Professional Development Training for Malta Institute of Accountants


Derivatives – Help or Hindrance – Continual Professional Development Training for Malta Institute of Accountants


New Financial Regulation – UCITS IV, AIFMD, Mifid II – Continual Professional Development Training for Malta Institute of Accountants


eLearning in Entrepreneurship – Speaker at Malta Enterprise International Networking Conference


The Rise & Fall of the Irish Celtic Tiger – What Can Malta Learn from Ireland’s Celtic Tiger? – Guest Speaker at University of Malta


The Catastrophic Collapse of the Irish Banking System…. Through Maltese Eyes – Guest Speaker at Dip Banking & Financial Services, MCAST


Time & Stock Values – A “Put Option Strategy” – Trainer for a Retail Audience


Get Friendly With Your Finances – Guest Speaker at Westmeath County Enterprise Board


An Explanation of the Economics Topics Dominating Irish Headlines – Speaker at Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh Secondary School, Cork


Economics Meets the Stock Market – Guest Lecture at Diploma Stock Broking, Dublin Business School


Generating an Income on Surplus Cash – Speaker at Finance for Growth Workshop, Enterprise Ireland


A Century of Inspiration! – Centenary of International Womens Day – Speaker at Network Mayo & Mayo County Enterprise Board


How to generate income on the “four horsemen of investing” – Guest Lecture at MSc International Finance, NUI Galway


How to create a portfolio using ETFs & Value Stocks – Guest Lecture at MCAST Institute of Business and Commerce, Malta


Exchange Traded Funds, Fastest Growing Financial Product Globally – Guest Lecture for BSc Financial Maths & Economics, NUI Galway


In 2010 I gave these talks:


Positive Economics to round off 2010! – Guest Speaker at Network Dublin and Business Owners Network, Dublin Chamber of Commerce


Powerful Strategies for Women in Business! – Primary Speaker at Galway & Sligo Chamber of Commerce


Understanding Financial Markets – Trainer/sole speaker at Irish Times Training


What’s in store in your future economy? – Speaker at Davitt’s College, Castlebar


Exchange Traded Funds – Speaker at InvestR Centre training evening


Raising Money in Ireland – Panellist at Start-Up Summit, Dublin


The Practicalities of Investing in the Stock Market – Speaker at InvestR Centre training evening


Surmounting the Barriers to Entrepreneurship – Primary speaker at Dublin Chamber of Commerce event


Understanding Investment Management – Sole Speaker at Irish Times Training


The Irish story in a Global Context – Guest Lecturer at MSc Executive Leadership


Introducing Wall Street to the Classroom – Speaker at St. David’s Secondary School, Greystones, Co. Wicklow


Emerging from the Boom – Keynote speaker at Dept of Education Economics Conference


Bringing Economics to Life – Presentation at St. Patrick’s College, Gardiners’ Hill, Cork


An Introduction to the Stock Market – Co-speaker at Irish Grasslands Conference


Investing on a Student’s Budget – Sole speaker at Business Society, NUI Galway


Women Talking to Women… About Money – Sole Speaker at Irish Moms, Dundalk


Exchange Traded Funds, the Fastest Growing Financial Product in the World – Guest Lecture for BSc Financial Maths & Economics, NUI Galway