“The feedback received was very positive indeed. We look forward to have Ms Hayes with us again, and thanks Finance Malta for making this contact possible.”     Josef Buttigieg, MCAST – Malta College of Arts Science and Technology


“That was one of the most interesting experiences of my school life. Economics is my favourite subject now and from now on I’m going to pay close attention to all that goes on in the economy as I know it affects me and my family”     Tara Curtain, Student

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My latest book, The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom (Penguin), is now out!

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Susan Hayes The Positive Economist

Susan Hayes “The Positive Economist”


I am Susan Hayes, “The Positive Economist”. I’m very proud to have earned this nickname. Positive? Economist? That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?


I believe it is necessary to have a realistic look at the economy. I refuse to wear rose-tinted glasses or to overlook the suffering that the recession has brought about.


And still, I believe it is possible to find many things to be positive about. Being positive allows a can-do attitude, enables you to spot opportunities, even in a recession, and to get ready for when the tide changes.


Yes, we are in a recession. Which means we are also pre-boom.


What do I do?


I am a financial trainer, bringing high quality, practical, impacful training to retail investors, business owners and company staff.


“Thanks so much for coming to teach us. What good value for a class. I was quite impressed with the simplicity of the strategy you taught us. Unlike most options strategies, we didn’t really have to understand the Greeks which can be quite confusing.”     Methé M. Porter – Fund Accounting Manager, GlobeOp Financial Services (Ireland) Ltd


“Thanks for a very comprehensive session on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and for answering all my questions. I found it very beneficial and informative.”     Damien Reale


I talk to organizations, at conferences and events, to students in schools and universities, to tell them about my experience as an entrepreneur, to give them concrete, actionable tips to improve their finances, and to give them the confidence to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.


“Fascinating…I never realised that Economics is something that I could understand, I really learned a lot”    Natasha Walsh, Student


I am regularly interviewed on radio and TV about the latest economy and finance news, to enlighten listeners and viewers about how the stock market and the economy influence each other.


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Interview me to get a different, refreshing perspective on economy and finance news. Without sugarcoating it, I will give you clear and realistic answers without giving in to the doom and gloom that economists have accustomed us to.