Five key ways to define yourself and turbo-boost your career

By Susan February 25, 2014 08:00

Five key ways to define yourself and turbo-boost your career


On 6th December, 2013, I was honoured to be a speaker at the TEDxBelfastWomen conference. The aim of TEDx programmes all over the world is to share in the spirit of TEDTalks, “ideas worth spreading”, and to “spark deep discussion and connection”.



I spoke on a theme that is very close to my heart: each and every one of us has something to contribute to the world. By looking at what makes us unique, we can not only flourish magnificently, in our lives and our careers, but also contribute to the world in a unique way. Here is a minute-by-minute breakdown of my talk:


01.20 The real reason why we think we’re not extraordinary

02.45 Two things about yourself that you should never, ever talk down, because they’re amazing assets

04.14 The answer to who you are and what makes you great – to find it, you don’t need to “look inside”

08.19 Why you need to stop thinking you have “nothing to say” and how to leverage your difference

11.50 How my five biggest clients simply “fell into my lap” and the real story behind this

13.22 My “red pen” strategy: I have used this tool to keep myself going when I’m tired and thinking “What’s all this for?”

15.16 The four pillars of my networking strategy – how to make networking work for you by focusing first on your contacts’ needs, not yours.

17.43 How to stop procrastinating – My personal recipe to crush procrastination and make sure I work on the important, not just on the urgent.

20.03 Only a few days left in 2013 – but you still have the time to make it a year to remember, here’s how.

20.27 Why I look to my five-year-old goddaughter for inspiration.

20.53 My secret trick to predicting the future!


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By Susan February 25, 2014 08:00