An Entrepreneur’s Christmas

By Susan December 23, 2011 21:17

An Entrepreneur’s Christmas


It’s been a hectic year for all of us and for the world at large.

Happy Holiday Season from Susan HayesCulleton CFA

Happy Holiday Season from HayesCulleton!

And now the holidays are approaching fast. Most of us want to focus on our families, on the joy that comes from spending time with those we love, taking care and being taken care of. For a few weeks, we want to shut out the outside world, take a breath and take stock.

It’s “that time of year again” for business owners. They get busy clearing their head, their diary and their desk to make room for the new year.

As for me, I can’t quite shake the child-like excitement of “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Indeed, as this year draws to a close, I feel very grateful and fortunate.

You know that I have a tendency to be optimistic. To shoot for the stars. To look for what action I can take next.

And as I reflect on another whirlwind year, I can’t help but feel very, very blessed. As people around me are busy tying up loose ends, drawing up budgets, articulating plans and generally making sure they can take a few days off without everything falling apart, I find a new sense of calm. People have more time to catch up for that coffee, meetings become more casual and you can actually do the things you were keeping for that most elusive time of all: “as soon as I get a minute”…


Don’t just do something! Sit there!


This is a wonderful opportunity to just sit and plan.

It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on the entire year that has gone by. I have that lovely feeling of seeing things come to fruition. I can stand back and look at the results of the year. I can see plans taking shape and becoming realities. I can take the time to decide what I would like next year to be.

Taking time for some deep reflection on where you’re headed and what you would like to achieve in the next year is the best way to get a head start. Even if it seems like you’re taking the afternoon “off”, you’ll be doing some deep and challenging work.

This work happens in your head and might not have any tangible results right away, but it is absolutely essential if you want to be successful. I find that the most successful businesspeople I know find time to just sit and think, never mind that their inbox is blowing smoke. The best ideas and most inspirational moments of clarity come when your mind is as still as a lake at dawn. In fact, I find myself making this even more of a priority as time goes by: the productivity I achieve during these times of reflection is often much higher than when I’m at my desk.

And then, pull up your metaphorical sleeves and get to dreaming. Let yourself be inspired. Do not listen to the naysayers (particularly those that live in your head!) and jot down some ideas:

What would make next year your best year yet?

I wish all of you whom I have met in person or on my blog, a wonderful, warm, cosy holiday season, and a very happy and successful new year.

Stay tuned, and we’ll hit the ground running in the new year!


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By Susan December 23, 2011 21:17