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Are you worried about what the future holds…


  • Will your current job still exist in five years?

  • What emerging trends will make or break your business?

  • Could your investing portfolio vaporise tomorrow?

Do you follow the news, read the papers, listen to the pundits… but at the end of the day, you still have only a very vague idea of what it all means for you – for your specific situation? Do you feel like you are constantly tossed on a sea of conflicting advice and contradictory information?

Do you wish forecasters who love the sound of their own voice would stop theorising endlessly, and finally give you actionable strategies that you can implement, starting now, so that you are ready for the future?


Would you like to watch economic trends unfold with serenity

and the knowledge that you have it in your power

to act with those trends?


Susan Hayes CFA is a Chartered Financial Analyst. She speaks to audiences worldwide and trains international professionals so that they can be prepared when the tides of emerging trends reach their shores. (Hire Susan Hayes Culleton as a trainer and speaker)


MC & Keynote Speaker Susan HayesCulleton

MC & Keynote Speaker


“I contracted Susan Hayes to tell the economic story of an EU funded initiative in June 2015. This involved collating a lot of information from a wide variety of sources, engaging with multiple stakeholders, turning technical data into digestible, interesting content across many platforms and speaking at the closing event. At every stage, Susan delivered over and above expectations.”

Catherine Mallon, Government Relations

“Every event and webinar that Susan has delivered for Morgan McKinley has been extremely well-received by our global audiences and we look forward to continuing our partnership with her in the future. “

Emma Nguyen, Morgan McKinley


Susan is the author of three books, Positive Economics (with Trudie Murray and Brian O’Connor), The Savvy Women’s Guide to Financial Freedom and The Savvy Guide to Making More Money.


Susan works at the confluence of economics, financial markets and entrepreneurship. She has the expertise to spot the signs of momentous changes that will influence our livelihoods.


Speaking Events Susan HayesCulleton

Business Owner – Stock Market Investor

And she has the experience to help you adapt to those changes with gusto. A business founder and owner, she also invests her own money in the markets successfully. Her investing portfolio weathered the recession and her business was created in the teeth of that same recession — but was profitable in its first quarter.





Professional Speaker Susan HayesCulleton CFA - The Positive Economist

Professional Speaker and MC

“Hi Susan, Good to meet you last night at IIBN. Nice to get some positive economics that’s not just “hope” but with scientific data to back up that a recovery is very active in Ireland.”

Seamus Carroll, Concern, New York

She scored the highest in feedback from our team that has ever come out of any training we have had in our office. Fun, highly entertaining, authentic and very knowledgeable on your subject matter.”

Mary McKenna, MD at Tour America/Cruise Holidays/Magic Holidays

The feedback received from the Ambassadors, diplomats and government officials present was immensely positive as, once again, Susan delivered a presentation that was rich in information yet to the point and easy to understand.”

Chantal Sciberras, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of Malta, Dublin



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  • the one-hour Savvy Podcast in which Susan and her high-achieving guests share their success tips



Susan: Author three books:


Susan HayesCulleton Books - Author

Susan HayesCulleton Books – Author


The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom is like sitting down for a coffee and a heart-to-heart chat with a financially savvy friend who has your best interests at heart: follow the steps in her programme while she cheers you on, and you can kiss the money worries goodbye!

The Savvy Guide to Making More Money is your blueprint to start and turbo-charge your career or your business – or both! Susan shares the deep underlying factors and strategies that will allow both employees and small businesses to thrive.



The #Savvy Teen Academy will give your teenager all the tools to make a confident start in life. How to start and optimise your career from the get-go, how to manage your money, how to improve your social skills…

After this one-week intensive, your teenager will be transfigured: more confident, ready to take charge of their wellbeing and their future.


Timeline of HayesCulleton Ltd:

Meet the other people in the team:

Ardle Culleton (QFA), Qualified Financial Advisor with the Institute of Bankers, is a Director of HayesCulleton and shareholder with GillenMarkets.com ILTB Ltb, a Stock Market Training Company & Independent Investment Advisory Service. Ardle is also a Director of Sleepzone Hostels Ltd with Hostels in Galway City, The Burren and Ardle Culleton HayesCulleton GroupConnemara.

He has seventeen years experience in the Life, Pensions & Investment Industry and is a member of CFA Ireland. Ardle co-ordinates investment clubs and holds individual consultations in Stock Market Investing. Helped set up GillenMarkets in 2005 and spent nine years building the company as operations manager and Director, now shareholder.

Currently managing HayesCulleton Group –

The Positive EconomistSavvyWomenOnline and the SavvyTeenAcademy


Caroline Maher is Personal Assistant to Susan HayesCulleton. 

Caroline masterfully coordinates conflicting schedules over several time zones and keeps everything running smoothly, from appointments to projects to online orders.




Maurice Sweeney joined the HayesCulleton team as Head of Digital Marketing in October 2017.

He hails from Enniscrone in Co. Sligo. Maurice brings a fresh outlook and original ideas that we’re excited to see him implement to boost our social media channels. He obtained a Degree in Business Studies in Management Practice from IT Sligo as a Mature Student, after returning from a 10 year career stint in Dublin.