If bubbles are “bad”, why do we let them happen over and over again?!

  Bubbles, in loose economic terms, are when we let prices go crazily high. We generally can recognize them, but often defend them with arguments of “the market has fundamentally changed” or “it’s different this time” or “we’ve learned how to control and slow them down at

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Creative Destruction: How this economic principle affects you and how to use it to your advantage (Moncrieff show podcast)

  During my economics slot with the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk recently (listen to the podcast here), I discussed the economic principle known as “creative destruction”. Creative destruction is one of the reasons income inequality comes about. How?   What is creative destruction?   Put simply, it

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Why we must love to learn inflation on The Sunday Business Show with Conall O’Morain

  On 6th of April 2014, Conall at Today FM asked me some burning questions about inflation… Listen to the radio interview here! (opens in new window; or right-click to “Save As…”)   0:41 Why must we learn to love inflation? Because the opposite is deflation, and

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If you recognise yourself in one of these profiles, stay away from the stock market!

  There are five profiles of people who really shouldn’t invest in the financial markets. Three of them are easy to spot right away, one will reveal themselves only after they’ve started to invest, and the last one won’t reveal themselves until much later… Who are these

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Advanced derivatives strategies: bull call spread

  A bull call spread is an advanced stock market strategy you can implement when you are “bullish”, that is, you think the markets will rise. As an example, you might implement this strategy for any of the following reasons: If you don’t have the money to

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The economics of coffee – The Moncrieff show interview

  Sean asks me about a fascinating topic: the economics of coffee. Why is coffee priced differently in different places when it costs about the same to produce? And why is it that we’re willing to pay more and stand in line at certain coffee shops?!  

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When should you start to invest? Should you start investing even if you don’t have money “lying around”?

  A reader recently remarked that my investing tips were all nice and good, if only she had extra money lying around. But she didn’t, so investing was out of the question. Was it really?   What is really needed before you invest   As I mentioned

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What is quantitative easing, and what problem does it solve? Is it ever possible to create “free money”?

  Quantitative easing is a “monetary policy” measure. It is used by central banks in an attempt to stimulate the economy, more precisely to kickstart growth in times of economic sluggishness. But it’s not a panacea and should be used with caution… Sean Moncrieff interviewed me about

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Five biggest budgeting mistakes – and they’re easily avoidable, too!

  So many people make these five budgeting mistakes – are you? Correct them and kiss the money worries goodbye!   1 Not planning at all in the first place   In September it’s the TV license. In July it’s the car insurance. Other times it might

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Your pension: will you be safe, or sorry?

  The recent reform publicized by Joan Burton TD highlighted just how complex planning your pension can seem to most people. We are confused and so end up not taking action because we’re not sure. And pensions are on everybody’s mind, as the Cassandras keep promising that

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